Sparking Hope - Gary's Story

G. Lennon was a 28-year-old homeless man who made a decision that changed the course of his life. After an altercation with a friend, Gary was put in jail, which caused him to spend months separated from his daughter. Just before his release Gary was referred to Housing for New Hope’s Assertive Engagement team with hopes of getting connected with services that would allow him to make better decisions and create a better life. He secured a room at Just a Clean House and upon entry immediately started his job search. Gary loves to work on cars and hoped to obtain his driver’s license, purchase a truck, and start his own landscape company. Today Gary has reached all the goals that he set. He moved out of Just a Clean House into his own apartment after building a successful landscaping company with his uncle. He even has his own truck! Gary is a mild-mannered and incredibly kind man. He always wears a smile, even when life hits him hard. He has a new outlook on life and enjoys spending time with his daughter.

#affordablehousing #homelessness #success

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