Sparking Hope - Cook's Story

Picture and name have been hidden for respect to our client.

Mr. J. Cook is a 60-year-old man who had been living in an inoperable van parked outside of an auto garage where he worked. During winter months Mr. Cook ran an extension cord from the garage to the van to power a heated blanket that he used to keep warm. Although the garage owner allowed Mr. Cook to work with him, he mistreated Mr. Cook and created a very toxic environment. Mr. Cook’s sister Cindy referred him to Housing for New Hope’s Assertive Engagement team after she had exhausted all her other options. After meeting with Mr. Cook, the Assertive Engagement team referred him to Carolina Outreach. There he received counseling to help him process his past trauma. He was placed into temporary housing so that he would no longer need to rely on his heated blanket for warmth. The Assertive Engagement team also helped Mr. Cook obtain food stamps. After Mr. Cook’s life stabilized, he left his previous employer and connected with a gentleman who was starting a mobile mechanic business. Today business is booming, and Mr. Cook is thriving.

#success #homelessness #affordablehousing

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