A New Beginning - K.H.'s Story

Picture and name have been hidden for respect to our client.

KH is a 52-year-old African American man who was referred to the Assertive Engagement program by the Criminal Justice Resource Center. KH lived in transitional housing with the Criminal Justice Resource Center, but he was scheduled to return to homelessness once he was discharged from the program. When the Assertive Engagement program accepted KH, he had been clean for nearly a year but felt helpless and beaten down by homelessness. KH also had many medical conditions that could claim his life. In his own words, “but for the Grace of God, I am still here, and God has placed CRJC and AE into my life, and I am going to live.”

KH was placed in housing at William Square in October 2017. He is stable and continues to live a clean and sober life. His medical conditions pose ongoing challenges for him, and his toes were amputated from his left foot. KH was recently released from a rehabilitation center that assisted him after his amputations. As an Assertive Engagement team member drove him home back to William Square, he was full of emotions and giving thanks to God. His mantra remains, “but for the Grace of God, I am still here, clean and sober.”

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