Sparking Hope - Mrs. Flake's Story

Story by Veronica Mial

When I met Mrs. Flake she was living in a tent alone located near the intersection of Main and Ninth St. I met Mrs. Flake on a cold day at the Nehemiah Center in February 2018. Mrs. Flake would visit the center daily for warmth and a safe space before she returned to her tent each night. At this time, Mrs. Flake was alone in the tent as her husband, Robert, was incarcerated. She was battling depression, homelessness, and hopelessness while working to maintain her road to recovery. Mrs. Flake decided that enough was enough, and she was ready to change her life. From the day we met, I realized the gift that God had placed in my hands.

Mrs. Flake landed a job at Harris Teeter, and began to flourish. We worked together to battle her legal issues, and worked to overcome her adversities. After the release of her husband, he too decided that there was need for a change. Together they weathered many storms and many obstacles until the day came, in November 2018, where they were able to walk through the door of their new home. From homelessness to housing, through tears and frustrations, every day was not perfect, but Dottie found her purpose and has made a commitment to herself that going back is not an option. She proclaimed to me that “Her faith, was bigger than her Fears”.

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