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With 20 new people moving to our city every day, there is undoubtedly a rising tide in Durham, and that tide is pushing some of our most vulnerable neighbors out of their homes due to gentrification and rising rent prices.

But you can help our neighbors experiencing homelessness by donating the change from your credit and debit card purchases to support Housing for New Hope mission to prevent and end homelessness, one valuable person at a time. RoundUp automatically rounds up purchases on your credit or debit card and donates the difference

For example, if your coffee costs $3.85, the purchase will round up to $4, and in the process, you will be donating 15 cents. It’s that easy!

How to begin donating your change through the RoundUp App:

1) Download the RoundUp app and create an account.

2) On the Partner Organizations page, click "Let's Choose One."

3) Search for Housing for New Hope and click "Join the Movement."

4) Link your credit or debit card to the app. Your information is encrypted end-to-end for your security.

5) Your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and your change will support individuals experiencing homelessness

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