Housing for New Hope Featured in the Cristina Connection Newsletter

Click HERE for the full Cristina Connections September Issue. Yvette Marrin, CEO and co-founder of the National Cristina Foundation interviewed our own Christy Thompson, Director of Development, about Housing for New Hope and our work within the Durham community. Read the excerpt from the September newsletter:

What could instill hope and dignity when you experience loss and displacement?

Housing for New Hope is an organization whose staff asks that question every day as they strive to prevent and end homelessness in the city of Durham, North Carolina.

“How do we see the route to impact change for those who are homeless”? says Christy Thompson, the organization’s Development Director, “ You have to start in your backyard, one person at a time, one family at at time.” Durham is challenged by the fact that there is a flow of about twenty new people moving into the city every day, yet many cannot benefit from Durham’s prosperity. As an indication of need, when Housing for New Hope was founded 26 years ago they were a small nonprofit organization. “Now”, Christy notes,”the organization manages a $2.5 million budget.”

Housing for New Hope has worked hard to build strong relationships with other organizations to enable it to customize solutions. Housing for New Hope maintains units in several permanent housing locations that support a streets to home program and also provides rental and utility support for over 200 units owned by others. They identify service gaps and address these through collaborative relationships. Working together with other agencies and nonprofits to address housing, health, technology training and ongoing services for people in crisis in Durham has proven critical. High priority is given to engaging with government officials as well as the business community in support of Durham’s homeless citizens . “We are greater when we work together,” says Christy.

Staff at Housing for New Hope have helped many, many individuals learn that with intervention, homeless people can find something bigger and brighter on the horizon. They are deeply committed to this aim. The goal of building self sufficiency, as we know, is not simple. It includes affordable housing, workforce development, and employment opportunities . A coordinated approach to address homelessness is critical. Housing for New Hope takes this very seriously. It does not stop it from dreaming, however, that one day it would be possible to put itself out of business.

Thank you to the National Cristina Foundation for including us in your monthly newsletter!

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