Rapid ReHousing Moves Andezha into her New Home

Video Excerpt

Hi I'm Cynthia Harris, Housing Resource Coordinator with Housing for New Hope and this is - Andezha Kimball and I'm a client of Housing for New Hope.

And today she is moved into her beautiful two-bedroom unit.

Right then and there was no place for this young lady to go. So luckly, Shurida with Lincoln Community Homeless Clinic was able to get her a hotel stay for a couple of nights. Then from there we were able to link her up with Families Moving Forward and eventually got into Families Moving Forward. Things happened and then she had to leave and getting into Urban Ministries. So it was a struggle. Ms. Kimball was very upset through the whole time and she never knew from one night to the next where she would live. Some nights she was out on the streets, some nights she was in a car, and some nights in a bus stop. Some nights she would call me and tell me the family she was staying with was being evicted. She never knew - this night am I going to stay with this person or this night will I have to stay on the streets? But it all panned out in the end as we were able to find housing for her.

How does it feel?

It feels wonderful. It feels good to even have support. You know, when you don't even have your own family or the love. It feels so good to get it from elsewhere. And for them to stick with me through the end...yes it's a blessing. It most definitely is a blessing.

And what I think about most of the time when you think about somebody this young, she is only 23, I think about what most 23 year olds are doing. But right now she is an adult and she has to take on that mother role as she has two kids that depend on her. And one thing I can say through this all, even though its been hard you've worked, she literally has worked. She worked very hard and never gave up. Right now she actually has two jobs, so doing the best that she can. She's going to be alright.

Today, even though Andezha has no furniture, or tv, or any of that to put in her home, she's happy just to have a place to call her own tonight. Hopefully, by the weekend she may be getting some furniture from the Furniture Project. We placed an order and we ordered everything anybody needs when they are moving into their home. From dishes, silverware to beds, dressers, curtains, paper supplies. Anything that you need and can use in your home, she needs. So we are hoping to have all of this stuff to her by the weekend. Thank you.

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