Sparking Hope - Ms. H.'s Story

Ms. H. was living in the woods off of Triangle Drive in the Research Triangle Park. When she entered the Assertive Engagement program, Ms. H. had been homeless for over a year. The Assertive Engagement team made sure that she stayed connected to Carolina Outreach, linked her with other services, and requested a CARE review.

She was finally placed in a rooming house situation in May, and Housing for New Hope paid her deposit and three months’ rent. The Assertive Engagement team is applying for Independent Living Initiative funding to continue her rental assistance for a few extra months. The team is also planning to apply for a Housing Choice Voucher for her.

Within a week of being housed, Ms. H. found a job and has proved to her employer that she is a valuable asset. Her employer continues to provide her with more hours and calls her out frequently to work extra hours.

Our Assertive Engagement (AE) Team provides intensive case management to the uninsured homeless in Durham who have difficulty remaining in mainstream treatment. Relationships built by our AE Team and capable volunteers lead to housing, improved health, and connections with ongoing services. We have strong partnerships in the community, such as the one we have with Alliance Behavioral Healthcare, and are able to connect clients with mental health services when needed.

*Clients name and picture have been omitted due to confidentalilty.

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