Adam Schultz Shares his "Why" for Supporting Housing for New Hope

“What attracted me to Durham and has kept me here for the past 16 years are the open, caring, accepting, and diverse people. Being a Durhamite, among other things, means looking after our neighbors in need. With all the growth experienced over the years, we've seen rampant gentrification in our communities. While some of our neighbors are prospering and growing along with our fair city, others are struggling, watching their beloved community move farther out of reach. More than ever, we need to improve the way we help those who live here and call Durham home. Housing for New Hope and its people are strong advocates, developers, and managers for affordable and permanent supportive housing. They are performing the work to help our most vulnerable neighbors keep their homes, find new homes, and stay off the streets. I have been honored to support their amazing work over the past three years with my time, finances, and my advocacy as a board member. I couldn't be prouder of the work we do and cannot think of a better organization to support.”

Thank you, Adam, for your caring and the work you put in for our neighbors!

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