NCCU Alumni Day of Service to Support Housing for New Hope

Residents from our Permanent Supportive Housing communities, William Square and Andover, were treated with a visit from volunteers from the NCCU Alumni Association for their 9th Annual NCCU Alumni Day of Service. To support Housing for New Hope, NCCU Alumni volunteers held a One "CAN" Make a Difference food drive. They collected food items during their regional meetings and on the day of service the items were delivered to Andover and William Square Apartments.

Residents and NCCU Alumni are proud of their school history at William Square.

Residents from William Square and Andover also enjoyed an afternoon of games such as Bingo and Jeopardy with the NCCU Alumni volunteers. Games were centered around the awareness of homelessness and hunger. Many of the questions were meant to teach our residents that homelessness can negatively affect hunger and healthy eating habits.

NCCU Alumni join our William Square residents in a game of Jeopardy.

Once the games were finished, a member of the NCCU Alumni association and retired dietitian, shared some information about basic nutrition by teaching our residents about MyPlate. Residents were given a paper plate, glass, and a marker. They were instructed to divide their plate up into sections to show what their plate of food should look like for healthy eating. Many of the residents had great questions to help them understand their journey to better nutrition and eating habits.

Debra, an NCCU Alumni and retired dietitian teach our residents basic nutrition and healthy eating.

Debra teaches our residents about "MyPlate" in an interactive way.

Overall, the Day of Service was a success with the residents saying they enjoyed the games and learned some new things about nutrition and how to improve their eating habits for better health. NCCU Alumni volunteers respected the residents for their strength to share their stories of homelessness. Volunteers and residents appreciated the time together.

NCCU Alumni volunteers prepare bags of food for our William Square residents.

Residents at Andover enjoy an afternoon of Bingo and snacks.

Thank you to our residents for coming out for a fun afternoon, and thank you to the NCCU Alumni Association volunteers for giving your time, energy, and support to Housing for New Hope. Here's what a couple of them had to say about their time volunteering with our residents:

"It was a pleasure to serve at the Housing for New Hope during the day of service." ~ Jacque

"As a first time volunteer, I thoroughly enjoyed the event and meeting the resident of Housing for New Hope. I thought the Jeopardy game with nutritional facts was very creative and informative. I will definitely participate next year." ~ Missy

Thank you for arranging for us to come and fellowship with the residents of Housing for New Hope. I thoroughly enjoyed and was educated on homelessness. This program is providing individuals with a new start." ~ Demetria

"This was my second year volunteering at Housing for New Hope. The first year was at William Square and this year at Andover House. My reason for selecting Andover House this year was personal. One of my former church members lived at Andover House until her untimely death last year. She was a loving and giving person, very smart and loved her church family. So my selection of volunteering at Andover House was in her memory." ~ Saundra

Thank you to all our NCCU Alumni volunteers for your time and support of Housing for New Hope!

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