What Does HOPE TOGETHER Mean To You?

According to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition, an individual making minimum wage would need to work 122 hours per week just to afford a two-bedroom apartment in any state in the country. These statistics shape tough situations for anybody making minimum wage or already facing homelessness. For affordable housing to be available for everybody, all organizations and individuals need to work together to create a lasting impact.

This year's Annual Breakfast's theme was "Hope Together". But what does "Hope Together" mean? At Housing for New Hope we all have different ideas of how this phrase is defined. As an organization, we believe that it is the idea we can collectively have an impact on homelessness in Durham and in other communities. However, for Housing for New Hope it's not just an idea or belief, it’s also a place – a place that will provide a solution to Durham’s housing affordability issues with redesigned co-living rental units for single women making at or below 30% area median income.

To combat homelessness and create affordable housing we need to work together, to think together, believe together, and achieve together. We asked members of the community to define what "Hope Together" means to them, what their vision is for individuals experiencing homelessness, and how to create affordable housing in Durham. Acting upon these beliefs can create amazing results and give all of our neighbors a place to call their home.

Hope Together means everybody is loved and happy - Durham Mayor Steve Schewel

Hope Together means loving and growing with empathy - Zenzele

Hope Together means by combining our energy and resources we can collectively create a solution to homelessness. - Matt

Hope Together means opportunity - Alfonso

Hope Together means achieve together. - Sarah and Adam

Hope Together means equity in communities - Nigel

Hope Together means that we are stronger as a group than we are as individuals. - Christy

Hope Together means accelerating social and economic justice - Farad Ali, The Institute

Hope Together means Love Triumphant! - Pastor Bob and Tamaira

Hope Together means advocacy for tenants - Demetria

Hope Together means life can begin again - Veronica

Hope Together means love - Robert

What does "Hope Together" mean to you?

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