Recap: Housing for New Hope’s 2018 Annual Breakfast Fundraiser

With approximately 300 community members in attendance, this year’s Annual Breakfast was the largest in Housing for New Hope’s recent history. We would like to thank everybody who attended. Housing for New Hope is appreciative of all the support we received before, during, and after the event. We would also like to thank The Cotton Room for their work setting up an amazing venue and breakfast for all of us to enjoy. Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors that made this event possible!

Our Emcee for the event, Diane Wilson, ABC11 Troubleshooter, started the program off with her experiences reporting on the issue of homelessness and housing and how it has impacted her life. In the fall of last year, Diane showed us some of the faces of homelessness in our community. Once Diane Wilson offered her ideas about affordable housing and homelessness, our Board Chair Katie Crowe and past board chair, Beverly Ford, lead us through what Housing for New Hope means to this community and gave us hope with a vision for the future. They also announced our new development “Hope Together”, the renovation of our former Dove House into co-living units for single women making 30% or less area median income (AMI).

Beverly Ford, Housing for New Hope's past board chair

This year we were fortunate to have two client speakers, Jodette Hall and Dawn Willis, willing to tell their stories to the public for the first time. They both spoke of heartache and the need to supply for their families, how Housing for New Hope helped them have a brighter future, and move back into a home they could call their own. They both received standing ovations from the community and were praised because they had the strength to share their experiences. Watch Jodette’s story HERE. Watch Dawn’s story HERE.

We were also honored to listen to an educational discussion between Mayor Steve Schewel and Farad Ali in a Q&A format. They both agreed on many topics, but together their ideas were inspiring and their facts about the homelessness and affordable housing issues in Durham show us there is a lot of work to still be done, especially with 20 people moving to Durham every day. Economic development and the need for affordable housing were discussed with an understanding that both topics need to be addressed to fix our community’s homelessness issues. If you would like to see the whole discussion visit our Facebook page for a replay of the live recording.

Q&A Discussion with Mayor Steve Schewel and CEO of The Institute, Farad Ali, on affordable housing and economic development

Lastly, we were treated to beautiful song from the Community Empowerment Fund Advocacy Choir at the end of our program with their remastered renditions of “Smile” and “Lean On Me”. Visit you would like the CEF Advocacy Choir to sing at your organization’s event.

We are thankful for everybody who attended the 2018 Annual Breakfast, for their support, and for the support of our sponsors. With attendance nearly doubled from last year, we believe as a community we can have a larger impact on homelessness and affordable housing.

If you missed the event, but would like to be a part of Housing for New Hope’s mission and vision to prevent and end homelessness in the Durham community, please think about donating. Donate HERE.

Here are some of our favorite pictures and moments from the Breakfast.

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