Create Your Legacy Today with Housing for New Hope!

Housing for New Hope strives to end and prevent homelessness through affordable housing and outreach efforts. We strengthen our community by being advocates and educators for those experiencing homelessness and for those at risk of becoming homeless. It is with help from the community, volunteers, sponsors, and advocates that we continue to move our mission forward. Without your contributions, we would not have been there when our neighbors needed us the most.

Think about the many ways Housing for New Hope has shaped the lives of our neighbors. For LaKeethia Poole, it was moving her five children from living in a shelter into a three-bedroom home. With this aid from Housing for New Hope LaKeethia received a fresh start. She was promoted at her new job and re-enrolled in nursing school to take her remaining two classes. It is times like these where a community’s collaborative support and contribution gives an individual or family hope.

Collaborative efforts also allow us to create stronger partnerships with other organizations to increase awareness, give contributors like you more options, and create lasting change among these controversial issues we see in our communities. Today we announce a new way to make a huge impact on our unified mission, by creating your will and including Housing for New Hope. Through a partnership with Giving Docs you can create a will for free online through June 30, 2018. Your will is your legacy and gives you a chance to recognize the people and causes that have been important in your life. Activate your account at

Access to your will planning account is completely free and editable for life if you activate before June 30, 2018. If you already have a will and would like to leave a gift to Housing for New Hope, you can create an amendment document, known as a codicil, through the same link.

Create a life-changing impact for community members, like LaKeethia, by leaving a gift to Housing for New Hope in your will. Activate your free Giving Docs account today!

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