Sparking Hope - Brad's Story

Today, Brad's life is much like anyone else's. He lives and works in Durham. He has friends. He enjoys learning and bettering himself. However, when Housing for New Hope's outreach coordinator Michael Kelly met him, life looked very different. Brad is formerly homeless and says, "I literally owe him my life. He consistently goes above and beyond [for me]." Once in stable housing, Brad learned of the life skills management classes offer through Housing for New Hope. One class in particular stood out for him - computer literacy.

Brad eagerly enrolled in the computer literacy course hosted through a partnership with Kramden Institute and Housing for New Hope. The classes met weekly for four weeks and taught the basics - from turning on the computer to setting up email and Facebook. Upon completion of the classes, HNH was able to award each graduate with their own personal laptop computer.

Brad admits, "I didn't know how to turn the computer on. That's almost how bad I was." But through training with Kramden, he became more and more comfortable operating the computer.

Since that time Brad has secured a job, applying online with PromoWorks. He works at local grocery stores providing samples of products to customers as they do their shopping. After each shift, he uses his computer to log his hours and report the results. Additionally, Brad receives his weekly schedule via the email address he set up during the computer literacy classes.

Brad says with absolute confidence, "Those classes got me started and were critical. Without the computer or the classes, I couldn't do my job."

Brad reports being very thankful for all the services - from housing to life skills classes -

he receives through Housing for New Hope.

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