Community Education at DPR

"The Volunteers in Training camp would like to thank Christy and Mike for coming out and speaking to the campers about homelessness in the area. Going into your talk the campers had some preconceived ideas about homelessness, but as the talk went on, you were able to open their eyes to the facts about homelessness. The campers were blown away by Mike’s powerful story about his time as a homeless person and they even continued to remark about his speech as the week continued.

Thank you all for teaching the campers that life is about perseverance and that no matter how big the hole, it always possible to climb out and continue on your journey. We also would like to thank you all for the service you all provide for the homeless men and women in the area, and allowing them to get their second chance at life."

Best regards,

Christopher Gatewood

Volunteer Services & Operations Management Intern

Durham Parks and Recreation

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