HNH Partners with the Kramden Institute!

We had the pleasure of meeting Marshall Burkes, Technology Education Manager for Kramden Institute, back in February 2017. He came to Housing for New Hope’s admin office and eagerly shared that one of his current students, Iris Love, is an Andover Apartments resident and she wanted her community to have an opportunity to learn computers like she was learning. After speaking with Marshall and learning of the good work Kramden does to teach basic computer knowledge to anyone who is interested, we knew Kramden and HNH had to be partners. HNH’s focus this year is to create flow in our PSH communities. We strive to equip the residents of our PSH communities with life-skills and knowledge that will help them achieve self-sufficiency. That way, those who can will be able to move on to permanent housing on their own, thereby creating a new opportunity for someone to enter our PSH communities.

We established that Kramden would offer four weekly 2-hour classes at our Williams Square community room. Williams Square apartments is a good central meeting location, which was important because we wanted to offer the training to all of our PSH tenants – Williams Square residents, Andover residents, and our Streets to Home Program residents. The four classes would review the following material: Computer Basics, Office Programs, Internet Basics, Social Media & Smart Sharing. Additionally, upon completion of all 4 classes, participants will be presented with a certificate of completion and HNH will sponsor them to obtain computer from Kramden Institute.

The first session was held on 5/04/17, and we had a total of 10 participants: 2 from Andover, 3 from Williams Square, and 5 from the Streets to Home program. Nearly all the participants mentioned interest in the program because they wanted to learn about computers and how to write resumes. Only 2 participants stated they had ever used a computer before. For the rest of the class, this was their first time using a computer.

These computer training sessions taking place at one of our Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) communities. For more information about these classes or becoming involved with them in a volunteer capacity, please contact Christy Thompson.

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