Go Forward

"I suffered through so much loss this year. I became homeless after losing my job in November 2014. I lost my father. And I had lost my mother the year before.

For a while, I was able to stay with family members and friends. But, I knew I needed to become independent again. There's nothing like having your own place.

So now my goal is to gain employment with a living wage. I'm better now, and am encouraged to go forward."

That was last October.

Karen stayed at Housing for New Hope's Dove House, a transitional home for homeless women who often need to heal from serious losses like hers, substance abuse, or domestic violence. With support from staff, other women living in the house, and volunteers who visited regularly to help with resume preparation, job applications, and budget management, Karen recently moved into her own rental housing this September which she can now afford and manage with her new job.

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