Sarah Thornton Meiners

HNH Board Member

Marketing Manager, Alta Planning + Design


Name & Company/Position Title

Sarah Thornton Meiners, Alta Planning + Design, Marketing Manager


What is your interest in affordable housing/homelessness services?  Why do you feel the work HNH does is important?

I believe that everyone should have access to ensure their basic needs are met - food/water, shelter, and clothing. As Durham is rapidly growing, I want to see that even our most vulnerable population has their needs met. HNH is one of many wonderful organizations in our community working towards the greater good of the people. I choose to support HNH because the extensive compassionate services and programs they offer. The HNH staff show love and service to our community through their diligent and tireless social work and care. The hope is that one day we will no longer need organizations such as HNH because we will have successfully ended homeless. That will come by providing stable, supportive, affordable housing solutions for all.


What is your favorite thing to do in Durham or love the most about our city?

The community here in Durham is what initially attracted me here and is my number one reason I love calling Durham 'home'. I want to ensure that our community here has a place for everyone. Our policies, local organizations (like HNH), our elected officials, our active community members are all part of the responsibility to help create a Durham we all can love and enjoy. While the new growth and development are exciting, it's also scary to think that before long we could be passively forcing out some of our more vulnerable citizens. That is heartbreaking. There is a place for everyone in the Durham I love. We must work together to make certain we keep it inclusive. 


What is your personal fundraising goal?