Adam Schultz

HNH Board Member, Marketing Chair

C0-Founder Verified Studios


Name & Position Title 

Adam Schultz, 

CEO, Verified Studios

Co-Founder, Talented 

Co-Founder, Affordable Durham

Board Member, Housing for New Hope


What is your interest in affordable housing/homelessness services?  Why do you feel the work HNH does is important?

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is very clear. Air, Food, Water, Shelter are at the top of the list. Without these things, one can not begin to live a fulfilling life. Housing for New Hope does the hard work of finding our neighbors who's basic human needs are not being met, and helps them lift them selves into a stable, meaningful life so that they may also thrive. And when those most at risk in our community thrive, we all thrive.  I can't think of another organization I would be more proud to serve. 


What is your favorite thing to do in Durham/love the most about our city?

My favorite thing to do is go out and enjoy all of the amazing food, art, culture and friendship Durham has to offer. We are privileged to have such a rich, talented and diverse community here in Durham. 


What is your personal fundraising goal?