How You Can Help

Help us empower and change the lives of our neighbors experiencing homelessness

There are so many ways that you can get involved with Housing for New Hope and help us open doors for those experiencing homelessness.  


Often times when we encounter those who are homeless, we are at a loss of how we can help, we only know that we want to.  Here are seven tips that you may find useful:


  1. Show Respect - Smile and make eye contact.  Yours may be the only smile the person receives that day.  Often people who are experiencing homelessness report feeling "invisible."  You can change that.

  2. Donate money to agencies working to prevent and end homelessness in your community.  Be sure that the agency you choose is reputable and has a proven track record of providing needed and necessary services.  

  3. Donate new or gently used items such as socks, coats, and supplied to make outreach and/or welcome kits.

  4. Provide food.  Buy a lunch for someone or keep gift cards on-hand to local eateries.  Granola bars and bottled water are easy to keep in your car and great ideas as well. 

  5. Create jobs if you are able.  Homelessness is often a result of job loss or reduction in hours.  

  6. Contact local agencies to volunteer or to seek an internship.  Many organizations have a wide array of opportunities and ways you can help. 

  7. Call for emergency services if you feel the person is in need of medical assistance.  

  8. Become a Landlord. Housing for New Hope is always looking to build new partnerships with private landlords in the Durham area.


Get a printable version of these tips here.

Join us in supporting our neighbors in need. We can't do it without you!
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