Housing for New Hope

Position Description: Executive Director




Founded in 1992 from efforts through local Presbyterian churches, Housing for New Hope (HNH) has become a model of social innovation in Durham, NC’s quest to prevent and end homelessness. Beginning with the modest goal of providing transitional housing and supportive services to men leaving Durham’s emergency homeless center, it has grown today to include rapid rehousing, assertive engagement, a streets to home program, and 54 units of permanent housing through Andover Apartments, Williams Square, and Cole Mill Place Apartments as well as providing rental and utility support for over 200 units owned by others.


Position Highlights

Housing for New Hope’s next Executive Director will be taking the reins of a $2.5M organization with a dedicated staff and a Board of Directors committed to the mission and to maintaining HNH’s well-earned and respected standing in the community.  As effective as HNH has been, it cannot do its work alone. We have worked hard to build a strong collaborative relationship with the other programs in Durham serving people who are homeless. The organization’s next leader must know how to lead and participate in the collaborative enterprise and recognize opportunities to work jointly with those in our community.


This position is an incredible opportunity for a talented, caring leader with the drive, intelligence, skills, andhumility to keep the organization moving forward toward the goal of sustainable housing for all people in our community.





  • Provides visionary, entrepreneurial and strategic leadership while staying true to HNH’s mission.

  • Develops a team mentality among a diverse staff separated by multiple work locations and varying responsibilities, levels of organizational experience, and gifts. Builds a culture of clear communication, common purpose, mutual upbuilding, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Participates with the Board and staff in setting a new strategic plan; leads with focus on its implementation, and engages the Board around progress and challenges.

  • Keeps the organization on the leading edge of national and state trends and policies related to ending homelessness and in moving individuals and families into permanent, sustainable housing, particularly those trends related to current and future funding.

  • Supervises the leadership team; hires staff, sets clear expectations for work performance and outcomes; conducts regular formal reviews, mentors, celebrates successes and makes difficult HR decisions when required. Builds a culture of connection and professionalism.

  • Encourages staff to work within the organizational structure, remaining accountable to compliance requirements, while allowing them the freedom to make critical decisions responsive to the changing needs of clients, particularly those in a crisis or dangerous situation.

  • Serves as the organization’s lead spokesperson and networker.

  • Pursues, encourages and leads collaborative efforts to improve the overall standing of homeless-related programs in the community and advocacy structures.

  • Keeps abreast of and connected to Durham politics, leaders, and other people of influence who can have an effect on the organization. Builds cross-sector relationships.

  • In conjunction with the Development Director and Board, creates a diversified fundraising strategy with an eye towards increasing private, unrestricted support.

  • Manages a portfolio of the top prospects and donors including government funders, foundations, individuals and corporations; ensures the Development Director is actively managing their own portfolio.


Finance and Operations

  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of the organization’s financial status and real estate holdings.

  • Ensures all federal, state and funders’ reporting requirements are accurate and submitted by deadline.

  • In coordination with the Finance Director, develops and monitors the organization’s budget.

  • Monitors all programs to make certain they are run responsibly; reviews progress towards program goals and makes changes when necessary.

  • Reviews the organization’s staffing structure on a regular basis to ensure that staff talents are being used appropriately and to adjust the organization to a changing environment.

  • Creates a process with the Board and staff whereby the organization’s policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis, changes are made where appropriate and new policies and procedures are created when required in order to strengthen the organization’s internal operations.

  • Ensures HNH’s real estate portfolio is well-managed in terms of serving clients, operations and physical status.

  • Works with the Executive Committee to support the ongoing development of the Board; introduces best practices when needed or appropriate.

  • Assists the Board in creating an active culture of philanthropy through individual giving and participation in other fundraising and awareness activities.

  • Plays an active role in the recruitment and development of new members and seeks ways to maximize each member’s contribution to the success of the organization.

  • Works with the Board to plan for, investigate and decide upon real estate opportunities.

  • Embraces the importance of the Board’s annual review of the Executive Director.


Education and Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required with five or more years of leadership experience in a complex organization. Leadership experience with a frontline social service delivery organization is a plus.

  • Passion for HNH’s mission and a heart for the people served; experience working with people who are homeless and housing opportunities for them is a plus.

  • A seasoned team leader and manager with a track record for creating and nurturing effective, collaborative work environments built on trust, creativity and quality work.

  • Strategic and entrepreneurial with exceptional planning skills; results- and action-oriented. Sets and exceeds ambitious goals, meets deadlines, and measures performance.

  • Experience building an effective leadership team that encourages open communication and feedback, emphasizes quality and achievement without losing the human perspective and promotes evaluation of progress towards goals.

  • Experience and enthusiasm to stay on the leading edge of policy and funding issues; ability to translate what’s learned into benefit for the organization/the people it serves.

  • Fundraising excellence; personal experience raising funds of $10,000 or more for nonprofits from individuals/corporations and much larger amounts from foundations. Record of success with receiving significant federal and state government grants. Experience developing business proposals and obtaining government contracts; high-end sales or raising capital in the for-profit sector would also be considered.

  • Politically savvy; knowledge of Durham, its politics and leaders is a plus.

  • Enthusiastic networker with the capability of making connections, attending events and being visible in places that benefit the organization. Excellent communicator with the ability to listen and engage; inspire, educate and move people to action as a public speaker, in personal meetings and in written form.

  • Experience building and managing budgets and finances as well as implementing best practices to ensure quality and efficiency in office operations, procedures and policies; experience with property management or real estate holdings a plus.

  • Track record of working effectively with a nonprofit Board of Directors.



Salary range for the Executive Director position will be $81,000 - $103,000.


To apply:

Submit one document that includes your cover letter (providing your salary requirements and how you learned about the position) and your resume and send via email to:


Kay Ferguson

Chair, Transition Committee

Housing for New Hope



Housing for New Hope is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Writing samples and references will be required from finalists who will be notified after the application deadline. Academic, motor vehicle report, and criminal checks will be conducted before a final offer is made. At least three references will be required for finalists.