Staff Directory

Executive Director​
Russell Pierce, Executive Director​


Program Leadership​
Kristi Page, Director of Client Services  ​

Rikki Gardner, Government Affairs & Compliance Manager  

Street Outreach 

Valaria Brown, Program Manager 

Rebecca Bourgeois, Lead Housing Stability Case Manager 

Shaniqua Smith, Housing Stability Case Manager  

Erwin Baker, Engagement Specialist

David Newcomb, Engagement Specialist

Rapid Rehousing 

Cynthia Harris, Program Manager 

Shanta Addison, Lead Housing Stability Case Manager 

Demetria Benjamin, Housing Stability Case Manager 

Nafis Collins, Housing Stability Case Manager

Craig Wood, Housing Stability Case Manager

Terry Rogers III, Housing Resource Coordinator

Leontyne Madison, Administrative Coordinator 


Supportive Housing  

Kristin Rogers, Streets to Home Program Manager

Veronica Parriett-Calloway, Housing Stability Case Manager

Community Housing Resource Collaborative 

Enoch Holloway, Jr, Community Housing Resource Manager 

Chris McKee, Community Engagement Coordinator 


Properties & Facilities Team

Patrick Clark, Maintenance Technician


Finance & Administration 

Matt Hjelmhaug, Director of Finance & Administration 

Tamaira Johnson, Manager of Human Resources and Finance 

Jaclyn Derham, Accountant


Resource Generation & Community Engagement

Russell Pierce, Executive Director​

Chris McKee, Community Engagement Coordinator 

Mary Grimm, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Tony Mayotte, Congregational Engagement Intern

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