Affordable housing for women with fixed income


Located less than 5 minutes off NC-147 and right on the 3 bus line, Holloway Place aims to provide peace and affordability for those with restricted income. This affordable housing community has six rooms for rent for six single women.

Take a virtual tour of Holloway Place.

The house comes with laundry and dryer units, on-site parking, and fully furnished bedrooms. We’re looking for single women who love Durham but are struggling to find affordable living. If you currently work and have verifiable income, please feel free to apply.

For more information on Holloway Place, please contact our Property Manager, Shanika Etheridge, at rental@housingfornewhope.org or 919-907-8573.


Housing for New Hope maintains affordability at Holloway Place to offer quality housing to women seeking rents that are lower than average for the Durham community.
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Washer and Dryer.png
Fully equipped Kitchen.png
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Newly Renovated

Affordable Living

for Single Women

On-Site Laundry

Fully Equipped Kitchen

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Furnished Bedrooms

Minutes from NC-147

Smoke-Free Environment

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On the Number Three

Bus Line